About Samuelsen & Co. state-authorised public accountants

Samuelsen & Co. is a state-authorised public accountant company focused on small and medium-sized businesses, comprising entrepreneurs. Specialised in servicing this type of enterprises, we are familiar with the special circumstances and issues linked with the establishment, operation and development of such businesses.

Having Samuelsen & Co. as your”trusted advisor”, you will be ensured constant optimal consultancy and optimisation of your business. On the basis of our knowledge about your business affairs, we will, moreover, be in a position to provide fiscal consultancy and guidance about the financial circumstances relative to your commercial and private sphere and to secure optimal fiscal arrangements, short-term as long-term.

Samuelsen & Co. is under the leadership of State Authorised Public Accountant, Martin Samuelsen, who is also the ultimate owner. Samuelsen has wide-ranging audit-technical experience at specialist level and, thus, he has practical experience within the provision of audit services to a wide range of Danish and international companies, in particular within the SMB segment.

Applying professionally recognised audit-documentation tools, Samuelsen & Co. has an intensified focus on quality management, internally within the accounting enterprise. We operate at a high professional level, guaranteeing  our clients the very best consultancy within our core services. Being a state-authorised public accountant, we are subject to the quality control of accountancy firms performed by the Danish Business Authority.

Martin Samuelsen is a co-author of the books ”Årsrapport og virksomhedsanalyse – i praktisk perspektiv (Annual Report and Business Analysis – a Practical Perspective) (Gyldendal), ”Revision i praksis” (Audit Practice) (Karnov) and ”Revisorloven med kommentarer – 5. udgave” (the Danish Act on Approved Auditors and Audit Firms, commented – 5th Edition  (Karnov) published in 2018. Also, Martin is a frequently used lecturer at the accountants' supplementary education and, similarly, he is an external lecturer at CBS, Department of Accounting.

Martin Samuelsen

Owner and state-authorised public accountant

Mail: ms@samuelsenco.dk
Tlf.: +45 41 41 19 34

We are a member of the Danish trade association, FSR – Danish Auditors.