Audits and other declaration assignments

Build confidence through your financial statements or other relevant material with an opinion issued by a state-authorised public accountant. Whether our contribution be auditing, extended review, or solely assistance with respect to the financial report format, an opinion issued by Samuelsen & Co. will engender the necessary confidence.

Confidence in the financial data put forward and published by a company is crucial to a company playing on the commercial scene. Such confidence will be considerably reinforced by the signature of an independent accountant to the effect that the financial statements are in compliance with the provisions set out in the Danish Financial Statements Act and that they give a true and fair view in compliance therewith. An audit opinion is the strongest declaration that an accountant can submit in respect of the financial statements. However, an opinion issued by an accountant about a performed review of the accounts as well as an opinion issued about the accountant's contribution to the preparation of the financial statements for the purpose of compliance with the Danish Financial Statements Act will likewise strengthen confidence in the financial statements.

Contact Samuelsen & Co. and learn more about the diverse audit opinions available and which of these might be relevant for your business.

In certain situations, it may be a statutory requirement to obtain an audit opinion. This may for instance be the case if, in a given situation, a company falls under the scope of particular rules and requirements under company law.

Regardless of your requirements to opinion type, Samuelsen & Co. will be able to provide assistance. We are a state-authorised public accountancy company, complying with all quality requirements by our declaration of opinion, just as we are comprised by the Danish Business Authority's quality control of accounting firms. Read more about our quality control under ”About Samuelsen & Co.”.