Focused on the specific circumstances of the business, we provide consultancy services within an abundance of areas, comprising financial consultancy, strategy, operations and development. We are familiar with such specific circumstances as are associated with being an owner manager, and we understand the particular issues that are attached thereto.

Whether it is a matter of starting up a business, comprising its establishment, choice of business form, practical matters associated with the process, the obtainment of loan financing or the day-to-day running of the business, comprising budgeting, dialogue with the most significant stakeholders, etc., we can provide assistance by way of relevant consultancy. We are, ourselves, operated as an owner managed business and, hence, know all the challenges that may face an owner manager, regardless of the type of business involved.

Moreover, Samuelsen & Co. has developed a particularly strong network of relevant players within company management on which we can draw; and, thus, we are always in a position to assist by way of the introduction of relevant competences for specific requirements.