Protection of personal data at Samuelsen & Co.

Personal data are protected pursuant to the rules on the protection of personal data, comprising the EU directive on the protection of personal data.

The rules on personal data protection, for instance, makes requirements to the way in which Samuelsen & Co. handles personal data.

Samuelsen & Co. provides consultancy to businesses, and the extent of personal data received by Samuelsen & Co. as an element in its provision of advice and consultancy is limited. Nonetheless, it is a fundamental issue to Samuelsen & Co. that any handling of personal data shall take place according to rules and regulations.

This for instance means that Samuelsen & Co. has a keen focus on the storage of only such personal data as are necessary.

When no longer relevant to Samuelsen & Co., all personal data will be deleted pursuant to applicable rules.

Our client agreement, comprising our terms of business, contains sections on our responsibilities and obligations in respect of the handling of personal data.

Samuelsen & Co.'s terms of business, policy for the handling of personal data, and questions in general will be delivered and answered upon request by contacting managing director and state-authorised public accountant Martin Samuelsen via mail and telephone:


Tel.: +45 41 41 19 34